Today was the Oriental Dog Parade! This is a highly anticipated event, (a fund raiser) drawing 88 entrants this year. The weather cooperated, blustery but sunny. For the most part everyone was very well behaved, with lots of posing for pictures in between the butt sniffing and grass marking. They ranged in size from 3 lbs to 125lbs, most dressed to look like their owners, or vice versa.
On the back of Rasta Dog "Fred Spot Marley", he even had dreads.
The work continues here. Steve has built and fibre glassed the new dinghy chocks/aft storage container. I'll post pics when it's installed. I've been busy scanning the contents of the file box onto the hard drive, so we can throw away (shred) 10 years of taxes, insurance papers, Visa statements, etc. The scanning part isn't so bad, but the renaming and moving of each thing is awful. I'm at the point where I'm just going to put all the rest in a general file as a big random mess. Info will be in there somewhere, should we ever need it.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you guys. Any chance you may come back to St. Pete for another visit? You are always welcome on Anthem. Take care, Kristel and Rick

Anne said...

I commiserate, having scanned most of our documents. Though I never did do our taxes... Bah, who needs that stuff!

Hope to see you guys soon! You going to be in Oriental in May?

Bob and Kitty said...

It will save a pile of space, tedious though it may be. I once spent literally a month scanning all our stuff. Big pain in the butt, but worth it. Can't wait to see pictures of Steve's latest project!