Hells Half Acre--the Cats Ass

We took a walk today around the island called Hell’s Half Acre. Beautiful, 500 feet from our anchor and open to the public as it’s protected by the Maine Island Trail Association. Take a look at the photo…we recommend a short walkabout if you’re in the area. You might say it’s the….

Stonington, just across the Deer Island Thoroughfare from our anchor earns but one smallish paragraph in our cruising guide. Good news to us as there are few cruisers here. This true Maine working harbor is full of lobster boats with a few local sailboats tossed in for good measure. As we rounded the bend between work docks we saw a welcome sight for cruisers…a large ”Public Dock” sign, plenty of space at it, and a dumpster with public restrooms at the top. Friday was farmer’s market day so we stocked up on fresh produce, enjoyed lunch at a local café and took in the atmosphere. Small store ½ block from the dock sells all the necessities at a fair price, including live lobster ($7/lb), beer, liquor, produce. Couple all that with rock solid anchorage…maybe we know why the writers have kept it all a secret. We’d maybe even call it the….

Then today, after 51 years of hearing and even using the phrase on rare occasion I saw it for myself, those still wondering, here is a photo of the….

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