Lobster: Whole or Roll

My goals for this summer are fairly simple: go to Maine, see the sights, eat enough lobster to get sick of it. Pretty lofty goals, if I do say so myself. So now we're in Maine, seeing great vistas and thanks to Gary and Alex, we started eating lobster before we even got here! Now my big dilemma is: whole or roll? Get the lobster whole and get to crack it apart myself? Very squirty messy fun at a table full of people. Dip chunks in butter and eat, simple and delicious. Or, let someone else do the work and get it all neat and easy on a toasted roll? A little mayo, a squeeze of lemon, also delish. Such is the hard life I lead.
We had a great thunderstorm the other night with lots of lightning and rain. Our decks are designed to be a catchment area for rain, to fill the fresh water tank. After waiting about an hour, to let all the dust rinse away, Steve put in the plugs and everything else went into topping off the tank. What an easy way to fill up. We got up in the morning to a dinghy full of clean rain water, so we did what cruisers everywhere will do: laundry. Washed in rain water and dried in the breeze, the clothes smell like the sun.
I will leave you with a photo of the seals at sunset in Mackarel Cove.

Position: 44 deg 09.096 North
              68 deg 37.242 West

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Amanda said...

I love the title. Oh, the hard decisions you have on a daily basis! Also, I think I'd take two lobsters...one for dipping and the other for easy eating. Love you!