Happy 4th

Steve, Alex and Gary of Rhapsody in Blue, Rob from Cosmos Mariner, Chris and Anne of Mr Mac. North Dockers up north.

If I can't be with my family in North Dakota for the 4th, (for what has become known as the 'buttload of artillery'), the next best way to spend the day is with great friends. Our day started with Alex, Gary and Rob pulling alongside in the lobsta boat, stopping at the next mooring to get Chris and Anne and then motoring downtown to a great cafe for a hearty outdoor breakfast. The leisurely trip back included stopping to see more friends and some pretty intense scrutiny of the boats moored along the way. Lots of discussion of good and bad boat names. A couple of the least favorites include: Sea-rhossis of the River, and Knotty-Girl. Anything using naughty spelled knotty makes my eyes roll around. After naps all around, we met on shore for the annual neighborhood BBQ. Fun people, some swimming, some bridge jumping, great food, shady places to sit and chat, cold drinks. It was a wonderful afternoon. As a nice touch at the end of the day, the people at the end of the river were kind enough to light some very large fireworks just before we went to bed.
Tonight we'll all sit down with our charts and get some inside info from Gary and Alex on where to go and what's fun to do in Maine and tomorrow we'll head out again.

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Bob and Kitty said...

Adorable picture and so exciting for us to see all of you, if only on your blog!