Heading East

As is normal with us, we spent much longer in Key West than we'd planned.  The weather was cold and windy for a lot of the time, preventing our sightseeing and deck lounging, but we managed to find some old and new friends that we wanted to hang out with.  We finally made the 45 mile run to Marathon on Friday and couldn't have picked a better day, well, maybe a warmer day, but the wind was awsome.  We had 10-15kts on the port beam and sailed the whole way. But just so you don't think it was too perfect, it was COLD.  Another multi layer clothing day.  We're thinking longingly of The Bahamas and all the snorkeling we'll be doing in a week or so.  We hope. Cold has a way of following us around.
One of the many 'Northers' that rolled through Key West.
We're now in the mooring field in Marathon.  Marathon is a pretty unique slice of cruising life.  They have an almost completely protected mooring field with 260 balls. They actually like boaters here as opposed to most of the rest of Florida. There are a lot of cruisers who come here to spend the whole winter because the facilities are great, the price is right and there's always someone new coming into the harbor.  I like to just putt around in the dinghy and check out all the other boats.  We're here waiting for water maker parts and by Wednesday or Thursday will head across to The Bahamas.
View of Marathon mooring field from the mizzen mast.

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Anne and Chris said...

Woo hoo! Come on down!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn, Carl and I love Marathon. Have you eaten across the street from the Marina? All you can eat Crabs, Yumm!!!! Sorry to hear it's cold. Iwon't bragg about how warm it is here in St. Thomas.