It's Never Easy To Say GoodBye

My Bluemug and I have shared many thousands of mornings. For the first few years we just sat and quietly collected our thoughts for the work day, Steve and all his morning energy already out the door, the cat fed. Matt Lauer used to join us, back when we had a TV. Sometimes, when the paperboy could manage it, we'd read the news.  Always a nice calm beginning to my day, just my Bluemug and I.
These days we look out at the world from the cockpit and wonder what we'll find over the horizon today.  These days aren't so quiet, though.  Ominous cracking sounds are coming from my Bluemug, protesting the scalding coffee. A slight tang of plastic has crept into my coffee mate.  As hard as it is, it may be time to look for a replacement of the Bluemug.
Finding just the right new Bluemug will take time.  It has to have just the right hand appeal, the right color and heft and texture, the right rim.  It needs to bounce off the floor. I'll take my quest seriously, checking thrift shops, coffee shops and tourist shops alike. Ah, it's early in the morning and I already have a goal for the day.


Amanda said...

One of my favorite posts, ever.

Greg said...

Drat! Coffee always tastes better our of your own cup doesn't it, and it was such a fine looking cup too. Nice post, and good luck with the BMQ. (Blue Mug Quest)