It was cold in Florida at the end of the year, but that didn't stop us from getting out and seeing the sights. As we left St Pete very early one morning we all had to whip out our credit cards to scrape the heavy frost off the car before we could go.  I'm fairly sure there are no ice scrappers in the state. 
The Kennedy Space Center is an overload of space facts and information.  The IMAX movie about the Hubble telescope was fun and fascinating and the red 3-D glasses, very cool.
Hannah thought that everything looked like it was made of tin foil.
We also got down to Sarasota to the Ringling Bros. Museum.  Once again, it was very fun.  An insight into the workings of the big traveling circus.  Soooooo much work to put it all up and then take it all down at the end of the day and load it on the train and go on to the next city and start again.  They started taking the outer tents apart and loading them before the acts in the Big Top were even over. One of the buildings has a scale model of the entire operation, from the train yard to the Big Top and everything in between.  There was a commissary tent, medical, barber shop, private cars for the stars, all the animals, and in the Big Top the trapeze artists twirled.  It was amazing, 50 years of work by one man.

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As always, the time with the girls went way to fast, They are wonderful, active women with great imaginations and inquiring minds and we couldn't be prouder of them.

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Patty said...

"They are wonderful, active women with great imaginations and inquiring minds"--Just like their amazing parents! Love and miss you all, and enjoy living vicariously through your photos and writings.