Yet Again, More Stats

Thanks everyone for the comments and emails regarding provisioning.  I'm embarrassed to admit that the photos in the last blog were but a small quantity of what we brought aboard, but it's all stowed and thanks to Nancy, I may even be able to find some of it again.
I've been gathering my end of year stats and thought I'd share.  (I also like to give the Mr Mac crew a chance to brag about how they live on $2 a day and haven't been to the dock in 3 years.)
We started the year at the dock in Oriental and this info starts when we left there April 5.  Of the remaining 272 days we spent them:
   at anchor                         116 days
   on an overnight passage     12
   on a mooring  ($)               52
   on a mooring  (free)           59     (46 at Gary and Alex's, thanks!)
   at a dock ($)                     25
   at a dock (free)                   8
Our second year spending reflects the added days we spent at the dock and at moorings.  The dock days added up to $510 and moorings a whopping $1003.  While we didn't blow the budget, it's more time attached to land (well, you know, other than with an anchor) than we like and we plan to spend year 3 getting the 'at anchor' total back up. We spent time in 55 different cities and anchorages.
I also sent out 92 postcards.    

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Anne and Chris said...

Oh, you should have seen our credit card bills from this summer! We've gone back to more spartan ways, but it's kind of hard when milk is $5 per half gallon here in the Bahamas. Get here soon!