Injury Log, # xxx(x)?

Damn the pirates; The Coffee Pot’s kicking my arse.

    Lynn started this injury log thing some time ago and nooooo we really won’t post a number.  Lots of things on sailboats are incompatible with human flesh in this constantly moving environment. For those followers who may actually want to Cruise someday, the number is probably better well... unsaid. Besides, "nothing to date has required professional medical attention". Morning started great, and then somehow turned awry. See we love our French press for making coffee and I’ll make a small disclaimer here, the thermos brand we own makes superb coffee and is in no way responsible, the malfunction was clearly between my ears. Anyway… pour steaming water from the teakettle over the coffee grounds and in four minutes we have coffee house quality coffee at home, every day. Usually we set it up in the cockpit so we can observe the dawn while we wait. Today, while stepping down to turn on/off something as I do many times every day, can’t even recall what it was now, my foot clipped the top of the handle and it tipped. No, not in front as one would think, but hung balanced on the edge until right after my foot passed, then pouring the heat down the back of my calf, and tumbling down the companionway spewing  coffee and grounds everywhere. “Crap” (really?) I said observing the mess. Rinsed the grounds off my leg, leapt down to clean up the disaster below…AND start another pot of course..
T plus 2 hours
    Couple minutes into clean up I realized this whole REALLY hot water on the leg thing just might be a problem. Unfortunately, or fortunately depends on the situation, I have a quite high pain threshold so really didn’t pay attention as I saw coffee grounds spewed about the carpet and cabin. You know, priorities, and let’s not forget…I haven’t yet had a cup! So once I finally take in the big picture, I head to the head (no play on words there) and run cool water over it for a few minutes to make sure it’s cool and clean.  

T plus 5 hours
     Well here is the progress report by photo log. Not necessarily for the queasy, but please bear in mind, this is all documentation so others don’t make the same mistakes right? Short story; lots of Ibuprofen to reduce inflammation and pain, every 4-5 hours a rinse and coat with antibiotic cream (yes it is one of the meds on board that is actually both in date and labeled for humans), keep elevated as much as possible. What would the med professionals do? Not sure, but Google search indicates for small area 2nd degree burns: Keep clean, disinfect with antibiotic, loosely cover, elevate to reduce inflammation, use Ibuprofen for pain…see a medical professional if that’s not getting it done or if there is any indication of infection. OK…So far so good. For those less adventurous…there is a medical school here in Grenada. A bit frustrating to think I did a hash Saturday in some pretty tough terrain most the while chatting with one of the medical school students, left with nothing but a couple saw grass cuts and lots of mud stains. Today I can’t even get through the stinking morning coffee.
14 Hours
10 hours...preparing self medication

    Still finding splotches of grounds around the cabin…and a little afraid this one is going to leave a mark.


Patty said...

Of all the things I could imagine you being injured by, coffee was never one of them! Sounds like you're doing all the right things. Take care of yourself! (BTW, I've learned that ice cold beverage bottles make wonderful ice packs, so I thought nothing of seeing one in a photo.)

Steve said...

Patty, Old runners book I read talked about shin splints...said put a six pac on ice before running, when done put the ice on your shins, drink the beer. While there are better solutions, that didn't sound terrible.

Greg said...

OUCH! Guess the only thing to do is keep pouring on (in) the self medication.

Amanda said...

That's a blister?? Holy hell. Better keep the ibuprofen coming.

Anne and Chris said...

Good to see you're self-medicating by mouth with a cool one. That always eases the pain for us!