Let There be Shade

Looking up from Below
So what’s that view out the overhead hatch? Canvas!

    Several updates ago I mentioned our old, big, heavy, cumbersome, and wouldn’t fit anymore awning with my hope to convert it to something useful. Well here it is. A few more pinpricks, stitches, re-stitches, days in the doing, and dollars than I thought it would take, but nothing’s ever easy.

Full Boom Length Plus

    I split it down the center, manufactured a bolt rope as well as a rope around all the edges for tensioning, and riveted an aluminum rope channel down each side of the boom. Then I just had to solve the rear support since the rigging isn’t as wide as the ship there. Couple hardware store closet rods with creative drilling/cutting and we have SHADE.
    But heck, we’re way cooler down here than the Midwest USA already. Sorry.

Rear Support

   On the injury report, there will be no photo today. I took one to document…you don’t want to see it. It’s doing what a burn does, a large blister and 1/2 dozen small ones. Keeping it clean, followed by topical antibiotic and loosely covered. No sign of anything out of the ordinary. I'm very sure it'll leave a mark but will heal fine, and probably won't be able to do the Hash this Saturday.

Meanwhile, the sewing machine is off, the wind is blowing 12-15, the sun shines…batteries are rapidly catching up.


Bob and Kitty said...

You are the MAN, as Bob and I often say when telling others about you. We were doing this just the other night at dinner with a couple we met here. Told them about how smart and inventive and, on top of all that, good natured about all. Were your ears burning? That awning is absolutely awesome. Sorry about your leg. I got the worst sunburn of my life here in Seattle and found that pricking capsules of Vitamin E and spreading the oily stuff around helps with the pain. Hope you're better soon, and thanks for the cautionary note. We make coffee somewhat the same way, so we're def being more careful thanks to you!

Steve said...

Thanks, but the idea wasn't mine alone. I'd seen something similar...attachment to the boom last year in Maine. Liked the look and stabiltiy of it. No since re-inventing the wheel right? Glad to see the WA sailing and new boat ids going well!

Chris said...

Beautiful awning, Steve. We put our bow awning up down here, but that's all. The big "circus tent" is just too much. On the hard, they only want awnings that tie right down to the toe rail, due to windage. A reasonable precaution. We are between about a dozen boats all larger than us, so we feel like an ant in a forest... no wind at all down here.

Anonymous said...

Any history on the Celebration? I've been on it once and know nothing about sailing. However, would like to live the dream life through you all.

R. Zeigler