Island Time

    Clearly it is a phrase with many meanings. My version on the island is not to hurry. The day starts with a mug of coffee, a listen in on the weather, and off to do any errands before the Island heat sets in full force. Putter with some project until lunch, a nap, actually work for a couple hours then enjoy the evening (relative) coolness in the cockpit with a beverage and the six-string. Interesting meaning I learned yesterday is that when told your order will be here Thursday, It means hereon the Island. Oh, so when did you want to pick it up? Today after three will be fine of course. I’m adjusting…not to hurry. 

New Slide Attachments, Chafe Guard

Leach Tape and Cleat

New Cloth and Leach Detail
    Meanwhile the good ship Celebration is becoming whole again. The Mainsail we blew and planned to replace is now repaired and back on the boom. Johnny of Johnny Sails looked it over hard, made a long list of musts to be done and an even longer list of should be done's.  I nearly fainted at the price until he mentioned it was EC not US. Oh, so at 2.7:1 I felt a bit better. Told him to go for it and we’d  hold off on the new. Picked it up Tuesday and his work is excellent.  He replaced most of the blown panel, ran new cloth up the entire leach, new leach tape, removed all the luff grommets, new chafe protection on the luff, installed all new grommets, reattached sail slides, beefed up the leach end of the batten pockets as well as several other bits of hardware and re-stitching.

The "new" Shade Awning

    The canvas work is coming along, side number two is almost done, but I’m still waiting on the track for attaching to the boom. Yup, today after three.

Food for most of the week!
    In the food department we are still eating well. Sunday was the day to just suck up the heat and turn on the oven. So first a loaf of bread followed by a roaster full of pork loin smothered in potatoes, garlic, onions, and herbs. That pretty much got me and Adjima through the week. Last night a pot of chili made with ground turkey and a new discovery…Adj loves ground turkey. BTW…cheaper here on the Island than the canned cat-food we ration her as a “treat”. Tonight I believe I’m off to the Tiki-Bar happy hour, might even have a pizza. Two for one beer, live music, and cheep and delicious pizza, Island time, it doesn’t suck.

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Patty said...

Oh my gosh, look at that roast! I'm drooling across all these miles. Glad to read you are taking such good care of Adjima (and yourself, of course.) Love you.