Laundry Day

    A morning here, one this week, actually dawned clear with dry air. So as a cruiser all other tasks were pushed back and it became laundry day. We’re often asked “What do you do with all that free time?” Here is one example of many like it. We don't carry the standard washer/drier, nor the electrical plant to support them. So here is how laundry gets done aboard the good ship Celebration. As you can see, two buckets, wastebaskets actually, one for wash and one for rinse. And the old fashioned wringer between. This one came from a car wash supply place where they’re used for chamois and towels. The mount here was actually a big step up for us. It sits over the lip of the cockpit locker so we don’t have to mount and remove it every time and is hinged for easier storage. Yes line dry. No problom mon.

    Today there is no dry in the forecast. Between rain and thunder showers this morning the good boat cat Adjima joined me in the cockpit while I sipped the first coffee and listened to the dismal prediction. She looks almost as excited as I am about it...I suspect slightly less concerned. It's all about the body language.


Greg said...

The ringer is a nice touch and, if you have different colored underwear, when you line dry all the good folks ashore think you are flying your yacht club burgees and old foreign courtesy flags.

Adjima looks like she could REALLY use a mouse to beat up on.

Steve said...