As of May 15th

A couple of you have have asked for news and the last I heard from them was May 15th, saying they were diverting to the Abacos for a couple of days. They won't have an email connection while there so I'm assuming that's still where they are. The email below is from Tuesday:

 Decision to do a temp stop made firm this AM after the weather report from Chris and a look at the GFS model, we are going into the Abacos. Yesterday afternoon when we saw the development and decided to turn west has turned out great. Then over 170 nm from the Abacos we never thought we would make it today....planed on slowing, heaviing-to or something for the night. The run has been excellent. Genny and Jigger overnight and today added a reef main...been holding 6-7 for hours on end. We will make the Man-O-War cut before 1800 ( now just 17 nm from the cut!) and will be  anchored there for several days unless the forcast changes a lot.  At some point I will send a note letting you know what the plan is, even though we "technically" can't.

     The wind vane steering has made a huge difference in how many miles we are making. It has been flawless, keeps the sail trim steady even though the course may wander with wind shifts, Chris you would love it! Only issue is one of the blocks I relocated for this application isn't aligned quite right and I'm getting a bit of line chafe. So every three days I tie the sopper knot on the pendulum a couple inches shorter to move the chafe spot. But she steers great and we have so much extra power we're actually running the raday all night steady and using fans/other stuff at will. Amazing. Of course that is aided by the lack of ice consumption in the evening sundowners as well.

As of 1445 our position is:
26 deg 34.727 min North
076 deg 41.512 West

Love to all!
Steve & Lynn

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Thanks Amanda! B Hickson. ABQ NM.