May 11 Update

Hey, good news! It's day four, which I believe is the longest they've been off shore together, and as far as I know they don't appear to have thrown eachother overboard. As of yesterday their position was:

Position 1800 11 May 2012
23 deg 06.400 min North
69 deg 15.627 min West

I think that translates into 23 6' -069 15' (?) on Google if you're tracking.

    Wind has been light the whole trip so far. Today we are in the southern end of a stationary front so even less. We had to start Nanni this morning and will likely have 18 - 24 hours of motoring through this to some nice air on the other side. Today actually did a few boat projects, played some music, finished a Chris Jackson book.


Equinox Crew said...

Someone will definitely get thrown overboard after hour 19 of motoring. Ack!

Devin said...

Fancy that a Chris Jax book, wonder where you got that from? I hope you enjoyed it as much I did with the ones I read.

Fair Wind on the other side
s/v Moosetracks

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda, Here's a link to a Google map with the positions on it. I'll update it as you post the new positions. -- Greg