Potential Change of Plan

Email from the folks today:

Current update,

May be a change in plans so letting you all know. Right now we are running due east for the northern tip of the Abacos. Master Chris (Parker/weather guru) said there is a trough pushing down and IF it clears NC we will see ENE in th 25 plus knot (up to gale force) range starting Friday afternoon/evening. Won't last long BUT we can't make enough miles to clear the gulf stream and darn sure don't want to be in it for that event. Talked to a NC HAM tonight and he said all the Carolina forecasts are up in the air...a lot of uncertainty. So we will decide after tomorrows forecast to turn north for Beaufort inlet if the forecast has good certainty, or head to Whale Cay and yellow flag a night or two until the BS passes. IF we end up in he Bahamas there will be no update as the freq is a ham band and neither of us has the Bahamas ticket. I will send an update sometime tomorrow to let you in on the decision, and let you know when we leave.
 Meanwhile we had a great run last night and today. Now making 6kts under the genoa and the mizzen on a broad reach 10 kt apparent. Sweet.

Position as of 1700 tonight is:
26 deg 26.68 min North
74 deg 33.68 West.


Anonymous said...

Google map updated... https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=211499074061759599232.0004bffdd1f7b3e55afa3&msa=0&ll=30.448674,-75.948486&spn=5.321523,7.064209

(highlight, right click, open link)

Amanda said...

Thank you Greg! It's very cool to see the plotted route.

Amanda said...

I should also mention that they have decided to head to the Abacos for several days to wait out the trough.

According to the email, Genny and Jigger were out all night and they added a reef main today. It's been holding steady for 6-7 hours now. Good run, dad says.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda, Any news you can share? Bruce Hickson, ABQ, NM

Amanda said...

Bruce! Long time no see. The last update I received from them was on the 15th, saying they were heading to the Abacos for a couple of days. They won't have contact while there, so I'm assuming that's where they still are. I'll post that email on the blog here shortly.