Position Report

Here I am, with the entire world of the Sail Celebration blog at my fingertips and I've got nothin'. Well ok, not nothing. I do have a position update for today. The location they sent is 21 deg 39.126 Min North 068 deg 28.00 Min West. If anyone can get that to work in Google maps let me know because I sure couldn't.
Have a good night!


Gail said...

You can enter this in the search for Google maps to get Celebration's position:

21 39' -068 28'

Gail, s/v Yoohoo

Ian McCrum said...

And if you use Google Earth you can measure distances - about 900 to go!
Don't forget the minus sign in front of the West coordintate and the space between the degrees and minutes.

Equinox Crew said...

Awesome, Amanda! Keep those positions coming. We are loving being able to follow them.

Patty said...

Thanks, Amanda, and thank you to the rest of you for instructions for google maps and earth. Good to hear they are making progress.

Amanda said...

Thank you Gail for letting me know how to find them on the map!