Not So Fast--Oriental is in the way

Spent the night anchored in Beaufort with the plan of heading up the Inter Coastal Waterway this morning. Around noon, we started looking at the guides and potential anchor spots for the night. Options were, stop early or plan for a longer day than we'd like, so we decided to see if the city dock (FREE) at Oriental NC would have a space. They did...pretty much. With the right kind of backing in right up to the silt on the bottom, (but there was a small power boat back there too) we tied to the dock for the night. Just a "little" more than the bow sprit hanging over, but who's measuring anyway? As with most places we stop, we found a lot to like, sure enough we'll be here for Saturday night too. This is a great little city for those who haven't visited. Everyone is friendly and the shrimp docks right next door are interesting. Make that fresh shrimp sauteed with garlic, onion, olive oil, butter and a little wine over pasta for dinner tonight...very tasty. We'll be hitting the farmers market in the morning, the marine consignment and of course stocking up on a bit more fresh shrimp for the eventual departure.

Look us up at www.towndock.net then click on harbor cam. We're the one stern in. See you there until Sunday morning.


Anonymous said...

Celebration looks great on webcam. Have an ice cream downtowm for us.
Watch for logs on the Pungo, Enjoy!

Anne and Chris said...

Uh oh, now there's evidence. You better be good in Oriental, or they can track Celebration down by sight!

Anne and Chris

Steve said...

We have already found the ice cream, but think we can stand to have another one tonight... for you of course.

Right Chris....it's tough to get all the way into the dock before folks are looking, asking questions, etc. Pretty fun so far.

Bob and Kitty said...

Love, love, love Oriental. And you guys love, love, love shrimp! What a great combination: Oriental + shrimp. SO glad you got a chance to stop there. Those people are definitely a chatty and friendly bunch. We felt like we were running a wooden boat museum while we were on the town docks. We were thinking of hanging a sign out that said closed by about 10 at night!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the off shore sailing is going good Charlie

Anonymous said...

I was recruited to be the Director of Public Health for Pamlico County, NC (Oriental is in Pamlico), but, alas, we're too much city folk to make the transition. I had to withdraw my name from consideration when I realized how RURAL that place is (compared to Baltimore and St. Petersburg -- the only places I've lived). I liked visiting there, but I couldn't live there. The man doing the interviewing said that 75% of the applicants and 90% of the nominated recruits had withdrawn their names -- the job is still open -- they can't find a physician or nurse practitioner to fill it.