The photo says it all about our 'sail' from Charleston SC to Beaufort NC . No wind. No sailing.

We're currently anchored, sipping rum, in Town Creek, in the middle of a sailing school. They have classes in the anchorage during the day. It's hard for some of the kids, one little boy hit us, and felt so bad, he cried. We didn't even notice. Tomorrow, it's up the 'ditch' and on to Norfolk. We'd like to be in Norfolk for the 4th of July. Or maybe not, it's nice not having a schedule!


Anonymous said...

You are getting closer! I hope the wind picks up for you. We might have to row our dinghy out to see you where ever you stop around here. (Mike is doing more tearing out than repairing these days!)

Hope all is well with you!

Steve said...


Yes we are, and the farther we get the more we think we'll spend additional time in the Chesapeake Bay. Need to do a few repairs now and Annapolis area would be good. We'd love to get together if/when we're there!!

Equinox Crew said...

Sheesh, we'd like to give you some of our wind. I didn't get off the boat for three days it was so crazy here. Glad to hear about your great progress. Just awesome.