A Whirlwind Week

Finally getting ready to depart. The bikes are packed, the water full, laundry done as well as most the repairs and projects we used as justification to stay for this long. Still awaiting a few head parts due in UPS in the morning...then off toward Morehead City. Maybe it's cooler there. We will hold hope.

The trip from Palm Beach to here, and the week in Charleston, have been filled with firsts: The longest passage we have done to date (379nm); The first time we spent an extended period in the Gulf Stream which Lynn already talked about...great sailing; Our first private air show as an F-18 came by from the offshore range, circled at altitude then did a low pass and climbing roll to be followed by another in the opposing direction (no photo's, tail numbers, etc...did I mention LOW?? Talking facial feature low here, as retired AF and knowing the rules...no need to cause trouble) and another complete circle; We though it would be our first off shore shuttle launch observation as we were passing through the danger field just prior to planned launch hour, even talked to the USCG to make sure were were within the rules and not within danger, unfortunately it was scrubbed in the wee morning hours; First BIG thunderstorm while off shore...not much fun, but maybe they'll all be a little less scary now; First harbor entrance outside our home port of St Pete we have entered at night...thought a lot about that, but big, wide, range lights all the way, well marked with a voice on the other end to ask questions; Had lunch with close friend Bruce Kilgore...first time we'd seen him in years and good incentive to stay in better touch; Met up with active duty AF Brother Seth McKee as he's preparing to leave Charleston for another assignment; And first time on an aircraft carrier, as we took the time to visit the Yorktown, retired here in Charleston.

All in all, a fantastic week, though it went by far too fast. Now off to get a burger and beer with Seth. Heading north...oh yea...right after UPS. Nice shirt Seth!


Equinox Crew said...

What a cute picture! What a whirlwind of crazy new experiences. Steve, don't you have some clout with thos AF people? Tell them to stay away from your boat! You guys will love Morehead City. The Sanitary Restaurant -- (252) 247-3111, sanitaryfishmarket.com -- is the best. You can dock there for almost free ($10 or something like that) overnight if you eat there, which you should do anyway. Good food, good deal, nice people. Bob says to go around the EAST side of the unnamed island on your charts if you do. Have fun!

Amanda said...

Shocker - Seth's wearing a Hawaiian!! Dad, where's yours? You two are looking younger and very tan :) Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a terrific time in Charleston-it's a great city. Perhaps on the way south we'll get a chance to stop in there.

Take care! Anne and Chris