Laying Marathon

OK...so we are finally out of Key West. Kind of a good news bad news story. We really like it there...but after years in the Air Force and the many moves, we have this thing about liking it everywhere we've been. Attitude...and the cruising life kind of fits. We have realized that we have to stay at least a couple days everywhere we go. Soon after setting foot on the Dingy Dock, we meet people, and see things we really want to explore and get to know better. All pretty fun.

The trip here was just a slog...motoring (capital "M") to weather. We did outguess the weather men a bit in that they predicted east...we said it has to be a little south east...and good that it was. Steadied the ride and we did get a little "lift" off the flattened mainsail. The folks at the city dock operating the moorings here are wonderfully helpful and the facilities great for cruisers. There was a moment of excitement upon announcing our draft at just over six foot..resulted in a mooring assignment exactly 50 foot off the main channel...just enough room to swing. What's down the road? Well, we see a chance to head north to cooler weather via some south, southeast winds and don't want to miss it. We'll have to update you when it gets closer and we make the call.

24deg 42.250 N
81deg 05.858W


Patty said...

I am so glad that technology allows us to participate in your adventures, though vicariously. We love the stories, and think of you every day.

Equinox Crew said...

If you guys would just sit still we could catch up with you! Hoping for a full report from Marathon, espec how yr aircard is working in the mooring field. Cannot wait to hear what's next.

Steve said...

Hi Patty, wish you were here.

The Aircard works great here as all following can see! But it did in Key West too. We would love to see you guys...but we're looking at the weather, getting very tired of the daily thunderstorms, heat, etc... If the forcast holds (passageweather.com is one of my new first choices) we plan to make a break very early tomorrow for Rodriguez Key, then ride the southeasterlies from there Sun AM thru Mon sometime to get into Lake worth. Just don't want to be in the Hawk Channel at night...lots of floating stuff to get caught up in. We'll see how it goes.

Patty said...

I need to go by a better map to keep track of your progress! Wish I was there too, but at least the weather is better here, for the moment anyway!