Setting Sail Once Again

Looks like we'll be leaving Lake Worth in the AM. Weather looks great for a trip north, although not as far north as we'd first thought. There is a little crap shaping up around North Carolina so our current plan is Charleston. I have a very close AF "brother" there and this should be a wonderful chance to catch up. And cruising is all about the weather and no schedule...right?

We have done a lot of work in the last few days. For those who know, we made a lot of changes to Celebration in the last year and didn't put a lot of water under the keel with the new stuff, now we're paying for it a bit. On the other hand, we could have stayed at the home dock, (which we do miss...and all our friends!) or left anyway and sorted this stuff out in places like Key West, Marathon, North Palm Beach with some great sailing in between. Well, you know the answer. But it is working out great. Tomorrow should be a long hop, weather permitting. We'll update when we get there (somewhere).


Chris said...

Hey guys,

We're leaving Beaufort tomorrow AM in the ditch, in the company of John and Roberta on "Freedom". Weather North of Hatteras looks nasty, so we're inshore to the Ches... More engine hours.

See you up the line...


Don Walker said...

Hey Steve,
Speaking of AF brothers, we were anchored out at Beer Can the other weekend and the base cops did a rediculously close drift by the back side of the island. They couldn't even see MacDill any more. How's come?

s/v Laurie Lee
(The AF guy at the transient dock the weekend before you bugged out)

Steve said...


Let me see....young troops, girls in bikinis, warm weather. I don't know, I'd have to refer you to their current commander for the real facts for sure.

Don said...

tsk tsk, I'm sure I never wasted government time doing anything like girl watching on duty. Shame about these airmen today!