Settleing In

We've been back in Oriental for a whole week now and I'm back into my dockside habits. Things unstowed on the cabinets, jars and cans not clink-proofed in the lockers, shoes in the cockpit, lights on recklessly. It sure didn't take long.
We had the rental car for most of the week and did a lot of provisioning. I've had a little bit of panic, as if we're going to be snowed in here all winter and I had to have 4 months worth of food on hand. The beautiful sunny days this week are helping me to relax.
We also did some sight seeing, going back to Seymour-Johnson AFB, our first assignment 25 (!) years ago. Our daughter, Hannah, was born there. It's changed too much for me to recognize. The house we lived in is now a field. We also spent a day in Morehead City and took a walk on the beach. We rode on the car ferry, very odd to be sitting in the car on a boat.
The picture above is the Oriental Marina, where we're staying. We're in the bottom row, just about in the middle. The shrimp docks are on the top right. The boats come and go at all times, day and night. We made a stop at the shrimp store (below) today and got fixings for a shrimp and flounder chowder. This is a great town for walking and we've been walking a lot, no sidewalks but not really any traffic, either.


Chris said...

Hey Steve and Lynn,

Need to ask a favor: we are trying to get hold of John and Roberta on Freedom by SSB. We popped an expansion valve on our refrigeration system, and need to order another. We hoped to have it sent to Jacksonville where they are before they hop over to the Bahamas. If you can call them, please have them monitor Chris Parker's broadcast on SSB freq 4045 at either 0630 or 0800 eastern time, and we will hail them after the broadcast.



Chris said...

Hey guys! Equinox crew left a phone message for John and Roberta, so the request is off. Thanks!

The sensor bulb line on the expansion valve broke during a defrost... damn! Need a new valve... Any alternative ideas, Steve? Adjustment screw is backed all the way out, and the unit is holding pressure, running, but not well... pulling a -10psi vacuum on low pressure side...

Sorry to clutter up your blog, but e-mail is not working...

Steve said...


We left a message too, as well as heard your hail this AM. Responded but lost you in the noise. If your system is working with the screw out, don't touch it. Vacuum seems a bit low, but if I recall you had an overcharge issue before. I suspect you violated the rule of "no touching" during defrost, Hmmmm.... It's damn tough to just let the ice melt isn't it? No other options besides replacing the valve that I know of, should be the Danfoss TN2...I broke one too re-installing an old valve. You may get a little better performance by crimping the line as close to the bulb end of the line as possible as whatever gas (if any) is left will help equalize the pressure.

If your orifice is older get a new one as well, smallest possible, believe the OX.

We occasionally hear FREEDOM check in of Cruizeheimers. You two need to come up....great opportunity to chat as we now have the SSB working pretty well

Equinox Crew said...

LOVE Oriental. What a gorgeous place to settle in for a few months.

We left msg for J&R yesterday, but haven't actually talked to them. I called again Sunday afternoon just to make sure they got msg. I'm assuming they did and all is well, but will keep after it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys: Love reading about your travels BUT we miss you. Wish you were here...and it's much warmer. Kristel

Patty said...

Hi guys,
I'm trying to find the Oriental Marina on google maps, with limited luck. Any chance of an address?
By the way, weather now in November is much better than when you were here. 65 and sunny this afternoon.
Love to you both.