Stop And Smell The Flour

The remnants of the Stromboli, fresh bread and buns

Another rainy day her in Oriental, where the sun shines, according to the brochures, "only 3% less than in San Diego". San Diego must be a gloomy place, indeed. The same brochure also said the population density here was "less than rural"(huh?). We went for a long walk, hit the grocery and bought our turkey and some fixings, in between the rains. Actually, we bought a 6 lb turkey breast to cook. Lots of good sandwich material for leftovers.

STEVE TOOK THE DAY OFF, and I'm delighted to say he spent his time playing the guitar and baking bread. The good part of making the bookshelf of the last post, is that we uncovered the Bread Book. It has great pictures of Stromboli. We happened to have pepperoni and mozzarella. It was a match made in Italy. He also made a loaf for breakfast and some hoagies for the brats in the freezer. I can see a lot of long walks in my future. I'm just now shaking off my SIL (Stromboli Induced Lethargy).


Anonymous said...

I gained 3 lbs from the picture. Looks great. Enjoy. Bruce

John, Roberta and Freedom said...

Picture perfect bead! Wow, I could almost smell the aroma....Have a great t-day!!!

Amanda said...

How easily to you suppose that ships? Looks delicious!!

Anne and Chris said...

Steve is my bread idol. I'm practicing, but I'm nowhere near his bread-skill level!