The Captain and the Ferry

We are sitting in Great Bridge Virginia tonight after transiting the Dismal Swamp Canal. Yes, it is a bit out of the way again...but what's the hurry? (And for those curious, we did find the bottom but only soft) Besides, it's still cold up north. I looked at the Block Island weather last night and saw lows in the low 40's. Nope, not leaving yet. So we'll hang around Norfolk for a bit.

Going back a week or so here is a picture of Lynn at the helm. There are far too few photo's of her on the blog, I'll work on that. This is the day departing Ocracoke. Long channel for deep draft boats, narrow, and of course being overtaken by a very large car ferry. This is most appropriate since today we received notice that her Merchant Mariner Captains Credentials are approved and in the mail to us. So here's the new Capt in command. Yup, I'm busy drinking coffee...

N: 36 deg 43.278'
W: 076 deg 14.493'


Chris said...

Very Cool! If you're in Great Bridge, make sure to go to Toro Loco and have a margarita for us!

Anne also is rarely in photos on the blog... Must remedy that also.

Congrats on the Captain's ticket, Lynn!

Steve said...

Chris, Too late on the Toro Loco recommendation...we shared a couple last night! Excellent as always. Maybe we should go have one for you tonight?....

Jim said...

Hey, it was in the 40s here in Oriental last night, so you can't do worse up north.

Sounds like you guys are having gpood times. Bill and Sue have been here more than a week. Good folks.

Getting close to departure time and the list of critical items is dwindling. Best wishes.