Some Random Updates

Thanks to Bruce, I've been reminded that I have unanswered questions....
-The red bird is a Red Poll, according to both my Dad and Jackie.
-The yellow thing is a pole mounted, hand crank power generator for a HAM radio. I think Karen came closest to getting it right. I owe you a drink! Hey, Karen, can you also remind Judy that she owes me $5 from our pre-Christmas bet? I'll take that in alcohol, thankyouverymuch.
-The Amazing $2 a bars of soap are working well, so far. Yea.

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Gary said...

Thanks for putting me out of my suspense. I had wondered what it was and thought the suggestions were very cleaver. Actually, Gary was the one that came up with the answer, but I'll take you up on the drink the next time you and Steve are in town.
I'll get Judy to pay you so you can treat me. Works for me!

I loved catching up on your blogs. Great photos!

Take care and be safe. Karen