Ocracoke Day II

Baby ducks everywhere.

A plaque at the British Cemetery.

Wisteria in full bloom, also audibly alive with giant bumble bees.

Lots of good places to walk here, but a surprising amount of traffic for an island.

Today's trek took us to the British Cemetery. In May, 1942,the arctic trawler, HTM Bedfordshire, was sunk by torpedo from a German submarine off the coast. All lives were lost, most of the bodies were never recovered.

Gardens are popping up all over, flowers are blooming, the baby ducks are amazingly cute and fuzzy


Amanda said...

It look so nice there! And the baby ducks look adorable.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever identify the "Yellow Thing" from your Jan 20th post? I can't find anything like it. Bruce

Darcy said...

My garden is finally starting to grow too, now that I'm no longer feeding it saltwater :P

It looks beautiful out there!