Of Blimps and Knitting

Elizabeth City is home of the US Naval Blimp Hangar. All the blimps in the country, except for the Goodyear one, are made at this plant. The hangars are more than 900 feet long and can be seen from the water for miles. It's very cool to see the blimps just hanging out over the edge of the river as we go by.

This was our anchorage the night before we got to Elizabeth City, a lone eagle sits on a lone tree.
We just keep meeting more and more interesting people. The tradition of welcoming cruisers is alive and well in Elizabeth City. The city has a wine and cheese gathering here on the waterfront whenever there are 5 or more boats here. Last night we met sailors from Maine, a beer brewer from Ohio, (the Hopping Frog microbrewery, where they make a double IPA), locals just out for a few weeks of springtime sailing and a knitter who does the most intricate stuff I've ever seen. She supplements their kitty by getting up to $700 for her sweaters. (!!!) As a former knitter, I have great appreciation for her talent and think the sweaters are worth every penny. No, Steven, I didn't order one.


Anne and Chris said...

I abuse my sweaters (when I have to wear them, ha ha) too much to ever buy one for $50, much less $700. I don't know what I'd do with it. Of course, the wine and cheese sounds great! We're planning to hit Elizabeth City and the Dismal Swamp this spring on our way north, as long as the water's deep enough.

Take care, and hope to see you in a couple of months!

Bob and Kitty said...

Blimps? Had no idea. Pretty amazing. Beautiful pics, as always!

Anonymous said...

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