Sunrise was gentle and calm.
Sunset was a little more fiery.

Several days of quiet, deserted anchorages and almost empty waterways have brought us back to Elizabeth City. We liked it a lot last year and made a detour to stop again. We were worried that the free docks that the city has on the water front would be full. Last year they were quite busy and we met lots of new friends and I was looking forward to doing that again. But as we came up the river we could see that they were completely empty. So then I was worried that they were closed for some reason and we'd have to go to Plan B, or at least try to think of a Plan B. We pulled in anyway and were met by the same gentleman who helped us tie up last year. I think he sits in his truck in the parking lot all day so he can be there to help. I guess the docks are empty because we're 2 months earlier than last year and the bulk of the cruisers are still behind us. We had the docks to ourselves for most of the day but now 2 other boats have pulled in and according to what we have termed the 'Lemming Effect', they are right on either side of us, in a row of 14 empty slips.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've started the Southern journey. Give us a heads-up and we'll try to have lunch in Charleston as you pass by. Sure would like to toast the new Capt, and review her first mates woodworking. Hope to seen you soon. Bruce

Steve said...

Bruce, nice to hear from you. We are going north with the rough plan of sailing Maine this summer. We'll sure be in touch on the way south. Both our credentials are in the works at the USCG right now.

blkilgore said...

Guess I can soon call you Captain ... again. Hard to believe it's been 10 years since we last addressed you by that title. Be safe, and keep the blog current. I check it daily to follow your adventure. Bruce