Fish On

Yesterday we left Gilligan's Island at our usual 0500, steaming coffee mugs in hand.  It was a beautiful morning, calm and not too much wind.  We putted our way along the coast, enjoying the sunrise.  At 0630 Steve looked behind and said, "We have a fish on."  Very exciting as we normally get skunked in the fishing dept.  It was a yellowfin tuna (maybe 8-10 lbs?) and it's delicious.  We had some on the grill last night and are contemplating how to cook tonight's fillets.  Such are the hard decisions we have to make every day.

Today we spent the morning at the Hermanos Santiago Cash and Carry, a case lot warehouse.  We took our two wheel cart and stocked up on spaghetti sauce, beer and snickers, all the important things in life.  A man stood and watched us, outside the warehouse, packing our backpacks and cart, deciding what we could hand carry, then he motioned us over and around the side of the store.  He had an ancient van into which he loaded us and all our purchases.  He didn't seem to speak any English and we weren't sure exactly where we were headed, but we must have looked like boat people and he dropped us off at the marina.  I spent the ride thinking of all the things I'd have bought if I'd known we were going to get a lift back.  That's how shopping is now: how much does it weigh and how far do we have to walk.


Anne and Chris said...

Of course, if you count on a ride, there's never one around.

landslave said...

Great fish! We can't wait to get the big leagues with the rest of you. Have a good time going down island.

Amanda said...