Mr Mac enjoying the shade.
We sailed into a really nice anchorage at Gilligan's Island today, doing our daily 12 miles along the coast.  The island is a state park and because it's Saturday and there's a ferry from shore, the place was packed.  We walked around a little and headed back out to the dinghy to get away from the maddening crowds.  Chris and Anne, on Mr Mac, had their dinghy and motor stolen while in the Dominican Republic (and are still looking for an engine for their new dinghy ) meanwhile they use their kayak.  We found a mangrove tunnel of sorts, on the side of one of the islands, it was  a cool respite from the sun.

Tonight's spectacular sunset over the hills.

We're working our way slowly along the south coast of Puerto Rico.  It's slow going east because of the trade winds that pick up every morning and blow steadily west the rest of the day.  This is a really easy way to cruise, a kind of forced rest period for a big part of each day. We get up really early, go about 20 miles, drop the anchor, have breakfast, check out the town, go for a walk, nap, read, watch the sunset.  At least that's my day.  Those of you who know Steve, know he has his project list(s) and he manages to check off something every day, while still doing all of the above. 
Tomorrow we're on to Ponce, the second largest city, and maybe a little provisioning and inland touring.

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Patty said...

The mangrove photo reminded me great memories of days spent with you. Always glad to read that all is well. Love you.