We left Ponce, but not until almost 0800, as we were just going 7 miles offshore to an island called Caja de Muertos, literally Box of the Dead or Coffin Island.  Supposedly, the island looks like a man laid out ready for burial, hands clasped on his chest.  I didn't see it, I guess maybe if you squinted. Anyway, the island is a park, run by the DNR and they have these great boats that say "Vigilantes" down the side.  I know that in the US the term vigilante has a bad connotation but here is just means watchman or caretaker.  We went on blistering hot hike up the hill to the old lighthouse, the views of the island and of Puerto Rico in the distance were spectacular. 
 This is the sign at the beginning of the trail.  I think we figured out all the hieroglyphics except for the one in the second row, second from left.  It looks like a man in a maze, or a guy with a reallllllly long, square arm but apparently he is allowed on the island.  Any one have any ideas?

There's something called a Tropical Wave moving through the eastern Caribbean this week, and the thunderstorms over PR have been very impressive.  The trade winds pretty much keep the storms off the southern coast, but we have great views of them building inland. In this photo, you can see the lighthouse on top of the hill, on the right.  This cloud formation was gigantic. The trade winds make the contrast in climate between here and the mainland was very apparent. This island is mostly scrub and the center was covered with Organ cacti, some up to 20 feet tall.  Walking down the trail was almost like going through a cactus tunnel. It was a great hike, in spite of the heat.


Katherine said...

Have you been to the Dominican Repbulic yet? I am going to be in Punta Cana May 4th-8th, for Will and Tammy's wedding! Hope you are all doing well!

Greg said...

Gail and I are re-reading "The Da Vinci Code" in hopes of finding a clue. Right now we're thinking it's either a map to the Templar treasure or possibly coded directions to the secret handshake used by the locals. We'll let you know if we find anything conclusive.