Old San Juan

Old San Juan is home to not one but two massive old Spanish forts. The first, San Filipe del Morro,  was begun in 1539, on the point to protect the harbor from sea attack.  It was named after King Phillip II of Spain.  It stands 144 feet tall and the walls are 18 feet thick.The second one, the Castillo de San Cristobal, was started in 1634 and was built around the city to protect San Juan from land attacks.  Both forts have an extensive tunnel system, through the walls and underground.

 On the grounds between the forts is San Juan Cemetery, very crowded, very beautiful.  The granite carvings were so detailed, the statue here looked almost lifelike.

The streets of Old San Juan were narrow, with blue cobblestones and very ornate details on the buildings.

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Amanda said...

Looks just like it did when I was there!

El Yunque - yes, VERY hot and humid.