Darn, Still In Key West

We've been here for a week now, the water's still turquoise and 87 degrees. The air temp is 85-90 and it's 120 degrees inside the boat. How does that happen? Some days all we can do is put on our bathing suits and cannonball off the bow. We've been having a really good time anyway. Steve went out fishing with Jack Penny and his crew for part of a day, brought back delicious tile fish and grouper. We're only eating fish every other day, to make it last longer.

This is the crew of the Pennywise, Jack and Michael, in the middle, and friends Stephanie and Kyle, on the ends. They picked us up last night for a Booze Cruise of the island. It's the only one I've been on that went 50 mph. Michael likes to drive 'wicked' fast, as our friend Gary would say. We had to drink between the bumps. It was very fun.

We found the Navy Exchange last week and have stocked up on rum and canned goods, in that order.


Chris said...

That is one thing we're missing... fresh fish. We put a jig over a couple of times, but caught nothing worth keeping.

Must try try again when we jump off shore.

Anonymous said...

Hummmm! Doing cannonballs off the bow of your boat OR getting up in the dark, dressing yourselves, driving miles away from your boat, arriving at the four letter place called WORK. Decisions, decisions. Have fun guys. Kristel

Zendo Deb said...

Gotta love those teak decks.

You guys need to head farther north in summer.

Chandra and Irvin Lee said...

We are glad that you guys are having a great time! Thanks for keeping the blog up. We'll check back in on your soon!

Steve said...

Glad you are enjoying it. We have finally left Key West for points farther north. Lots of fun as well as lots of work so far. Marathon tonight, looking at a very possible weather window later this week. How far?... Well there is no plan, so we'll figure that all out later.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you're off North Dock. Bryan said to remind you that cannonballs can cause wedgies. It does seem really really hot inside the boat but our thermometer keeps showing in the 80's. That can't be right when I'm sweating like a pig.
Love & Kisses,

Lynn said...

Brian, in order to get a wedgie, you must first be WEARING something to wedgie. signed: No Tan Lines Here