Block Island

The great thing about last night's storm, the rollers from Europe smashing on the breakwater.

When we first started sailing 7 years ago, Block Island was a fantasy place to me. Way too far to get to in our little boat. Farther than the Bahamas. Even more distant than the Caribbean. Waaaaaaay up past the Chesapeake. Up there where it was cold and the tides and currents were forces to be reckoned with. I'm having a hard time believing that we're really here. It's been a dream for too long. It seems like we got here too easily, things are going too smoothly. ??

Enough pessimism. Block Island is beautiful, hilly, cliffs on the south end, a light house on each end. About 10 square miles, 1000 full time residents, triple that in the 'season', as many as 12,000 for the 4th of July. Real estate prices that are astronomical. A 2 BR 1 BA with a view, is listing for 1.2 million. A 1.75litre bottle of Capt. Morgan is $40.59. Good thing we are always well stocked. New Shoreham, the only city, is the smallest city in the smallest state. Spring is following us north, everything is blooming and green, and of course the pollen is here, too.


Bob and Kitty said...

Sheesh, we totally needed to catch up with you guys. There you are all the way up to Block Island. At least you can prob find a place to anchor, which is more than we can say for July. So there's good news and bad news, as we can see from those BIG waves! Crazy! Hope you guys are doing well. At this rate, you may be freezing your asses off but will definitely beat the pack to Maine.

Steve said...

Bob and Kitty!! Yes, there are places to anchor everywhere! And (little advertised) the town moorings are 1/2 price until next Friday...so when the forcast was for 30+ we grabbed a freshely serviced #500 model for $20 and a good nights sleep, then back to anchor. Looking to leave for Cuttyhunk or Woods Hole in the AM.