Cool Running

Sitting at anchor; Sandy Hook/Atlantic Highlands after a wonderful night sail from Cape May. After idling out the channel with the current and waiting, the forecast actually became true. Breeze filled in off our stern and we spent the night running down wind. 9-13 knots relative, jenny and jigger, with a gentle rocking-surfing-rolling motion that wanted to put me to sleep, knocking out 5-7 ½ knots all night long with just rushing water in the background. Ahh, but it can’t be all perfect as it was COLD, and there was a “little bit” of traffic south of New York Harbor. Here is Captain Morgan, err… Captain Lynn going on watch fully bundled against the cold, and you can see it wasn’t even dark yet!

And those who understand how the commercial fishing boats work with their endless lights of every imaginable shape and size ALWAYS ON can appreciate this. After the 0200-0500 watch, Lynn described the mass exit of the fleet from a coastal port “they came out of port heading to the ocean just like a Roman Candle, spurting color in our direction.” At least one adjusted course as she safely navigated through.

Now we’re checking the weather to see if a departure for Block Island is in order.

40 degrees 25.0 North
74 degrees 01.3 West


Amanda said...

Nice photo! Exactly how many layers do you have on??

Lynn said...

6 layers on top 3 on the bottom, still not enough.

Anne and Chris said...

Wow, and we were lamenting having to put on any clothes at all coming back to the states. I guess we've become spoiled, but we'll soon be piling on the layers as we follow you north!