Saturday, a day in which

we stumble across something fun and unexpected.
We noticed that there was a lot of activity at Waterside Park on Friday night, tents being set up, stages and sound systems, etc. We have a good view of Waterside Park, across the channel, and wondered if it was something we would like. I got on line and looked up activities at the park. It mentioned a Saturday Market. I checked the Tourism site, nothing. Next, the City Council site, bupkis. Nope, nada, zip, nothing going on here this weekend.
We got up on Saturday and decided to head for the market in hopes of fresh stuff to make fajitas. What we found instead was a huge NATO Festival, complete with parade, floats representing all the NATO countries, marching bands and booths serving ethnic foods. There were thousands of people of dozens of nationalities, we had fun guessing which country the men in uniform came from. There were acrobats and small bands doing music from the different countries represented. It was a great event and I'm glad we just happened across it. Oh, BTW, I did get a free hat from the Norfolk Convention and Tourism Council, who had a booth at the festival.

What's more fun to listen to than marching bagpipers?

These two characters were playing 'security' for various unsuspecting festival goers. These two ladies kept trying to get away, which made the act all the funnier.

The Korean Army band, complete with Fan Dancers.

If someone could translate this to English, I would appreciate it, I don't speak Government Contractor.

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Congrats Captain Lynn!!
Enjoy following your Blog and your adventures. Hope all is well.
Ellen & Gordon