Time to take off the gloves

and do a blog entry. Today was supposed to be nice until mid day and then the rain would start and the winds pick up to 20-30 toward evening. The rain started at 0845, the wind soon after, both have kept it up all day. It's also only in the very low 50's (very low, like 49). The cat yawned this morning and I could see the steam from her breath. So we're baking. A lot. Brownies this morning, bread for dinner. We ate fresh, hot bread, fragrant with butter and strawberry jam, not bothering to sit, instead, standing over the stove for warmth, listening to the driving rain and howling wind outside. I have to admit that Adjima is so cold, we warmed up the bread brick in the oven and slipped in between the layers of her fleece bed. Yes, she has us well trained.


Chris said...

I hope you don't mind if we delay our progress north until it warms a bit... Though the fresh bread sounds awesome!

Enjoy Block Island... they have a great public library!

Patty said...

Sorry to hear the temperatures are still not cooperating with your travel itinerary. Seems odd to say you could come to MN to warm up; since last week's 40 degrees and raining seemed to have moved your way. Take care and stay warm. Maybe see you in June?