We had the alarm set for 5 this morning but were both awake before it went off. We were even up before Adjima had a chance to walk all over us to see who would get up and feed her poor starving self.

We had to hit the current just right to go through the Cape Cod Canal. As you can see, we had a rocking good trip as our hull speed is usually around 7.5. The canal spit us out into Cape Cod Bay and we managed a few hours of great sailing before the wind died altogether.

We got into Gloucester in the late afternoon and grabbed a mooring ball in the inner harbor. This is a working harbor and there are boats of every kind all over. Great place to sit in the cockpit and just watch the world go by.

There are large groups of Eider ducks here, first time I've ever seen them, this is the southern edge of their migration. The down from their nests is collected for clothing, pillows, comforters, etc. Eider Down, I never knew. They're very pretty, very sharply black and white.

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Anne and Chris said...

Very cool! You need to read the poem The Wreck of the Hesperus by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow while in Gloucester; the reef of Norman's Woe is just south of the harbor. We also like that arrow on your GPS showing the current speed - does it have those for anyplace? Hug Alex and Gary for us when you get to their place. And don't pluck any ducks for pillows.