Sunset over Norfolk Naval Base

We've been holed up in Norfolk doing provisioning, haircuts, laundry and waiting for the wind to die so we can head north, for more than a week now. Anchoring by the Navy Base is always interesting. We spent a few nights in Willoughby Bay, which is along the edge of the helicopter flight lines. From our boat, I counted 22 helicopters, just sitting there. There are always a few in the air and it gets really noisy when half a dozen more are sitting on the ground running. It's nice to be back on a base, feels comfortable. I don't realize I miss the military community until we're back in it. Although, having the troops (who look to be all of 15 years old) calling me "ma'am" gets old after a while. Anyway, we're off at the butt-crack of dawn tomorrow for an overnight sail to Cape May NJ, we should be in there sometime Tues. Talk to you then.

N 36 Degrees 57.19
W 76 Degrees 18.55


KnoxDawg said...

So how was the trip? Jump any carrier wakes on the way up?

Anonymous said...

Safe passage, Steve and Lynn.

Amanda said...

Was it really that orange? That's so pretty!