Just Hanging Off A Rope

We got into Ft Myers Beach yesterday, after what I consider an exciting sail. We watched the thunderstorms forming over the coast in the late afternoon. They were spectacular, huge billowing white tops, dark underneath, lightning galore. They weren't so much fun after dark as I was watching them on the radar as they formed off shore. At 5 knots it's hard to dodge a storm, but they were moving almost as slow as we were, so a lot of wind, most of it on the nose. Adjima crawled up into the v-berth and stuck her head in a sail bag. She ignored us and the noise and the motion, NO BARFING! She is back to her usual loud self today. We were coming back from registering at the mooring field office, when we spotted a familiar shaped boat, our friend Mark, from St Pete, on Wishbone. He had picked up the ball next to us and had taken the dogs to shore for a romp. Here's hoping it's just the start of running into old friends in far anchorages.

I haven't said much about the sucking Florida humidity, because I'm acclimating, very, very, very slowly, but today this really caught my eye. This is Adjima's 'salad' grass. She rips it off in chunks and chews it several times a day. This photo was taken at 1330 (that's 1:30, for you civilians) this afternoon. The sucking Florida humidity just keeps condensing all day.

A note about my drawer/cabinet cleaning of last week: we have 23 spools of floss-that's about 2 miles, 9 padlocks, 3 icepicks (who uses them anyway?), and about a dozen more towels than I thought. We need to find a marina with a free table.


Anonymous said...

It's always great to arrive at a new port and recognize boats and faces from the past. Hopefully our paths will cross again.

Mark, Sam&Josephine(Wishbone)

Equinox Crew said...

Great pics, as always, guys. I hope you said hi to Mark from us. Glad to hear things are going great, except for the heat and humidity. The good news is it's cooled off, the bad news is it's been raining for a week. Enjoy Ft. Myers!

Moe Wick said...

I commiserate. We figureed in the summer, in Florida, we would be 'wet' from 7 in the morning until the sun went down that night.

But now, after having a hydrophilic sea salt petina we're just damp all the time.