Water Water Everywhere

This was a nervous moment. Several years ago we got the idea we wanted a watermaker, looked at the price and went holy crap. After a little reflection and reading we attacked from another angle, I would build it. So bought a high pressure pump 2 1/2 years ago, a feed pump 2 years ago on e-bay, a flush pump 1 1/2 ago at the Annapolis Cruisers Gam, lots of miscellaneous parts over the years since as well as the investment in the membranes and housings just before we left the dock. Yesterday for the first time all the parts were in the right places, wiring done, so crossing our fingers we fired up Nanni (our diesel) and it all works. Bad photo here, and those are still cable ties holding the flow meter in place but the exciting part is there, yes that is 32 gallons per hour fresh water being put into the tank at 1150 RPM. We can make around 45 maximum at higher RPM but looking at a good cruising speed. A big relief to see it work. Now as the "domino effect" kicked in...today was laundry day...much less exciting.


Anonymous said...

I don't even know how to start of comment on the complexity of, and self-confidence required, for a home-built water maker. Sheeesh! More power to you, buddy. I just want to sort out my electrical/battery room as evidence of my mechanical prowess! Jeff Hazzard

Steve said...

Jeff, Watermakers are not nearly as difficult or magic as the manufacturers would have you believe. On the other hand, we don't have all the "automated" functions like a commercial unit to ease operation and potentially malfunction. Simple is good.

Anonymous said...

I Don't suppose you have a set of plans for that do you? Mark

Chris said...

And just how much are you going to be selling water for in the Bahamas? Can I put in an order?

Do you give discounts?

Green stamps?


Anonymous said...

I have considered doing another "linked" blog to talk through some of the mechanicals we did. There really aren't many of this model (104 built 76-79) so we've done a lot of expirements in learning for ourselves. Like the watermaker, if I can save someone else from learning the tough way, I'd be happy to. SO yes I can provide watermaker input as well as some of the sites and sources I used. First though...if Mark is looking for a pump, talk to Kirk at the North Dock. He's got a nice stainless ~4.2 GPM that will be a perfect fit if you're driving off the engine. It'll also work if you gear it down and use a large DC or AC motor.