No place to be--No time to be there

We're off to the slow start recommended by many others. "go somewhere close, drop the hook, relax, organize, go on when you feel like it." We're anchored a couple hours south just inside the mouth of the Manatee river. (27 deg 31.812'N, 8 deg 38.401'W) Sail down was nice. Feeling a little lazy and just excited to be off, it was headsail only. A gentle coast down the bay, under the bridge, up the channel, and right to our anchor point. The hook's set, the wind's puffing, a little wine in the glasses. We might even look at a chart and a weather report... tomorrow. Ahh.....


Don Walker said...

Hey Guys,
Glad to read that you're out of the marina and on your way. I'm off to Jordan for a week, then we'll do a few days up toward Clearwater over Memorial Day weekend. Looking forward to hearing your plan for the summer. You know, you can't reason with hurricane season...

Don Walker
MacDill AFB
s/v Laurie Lee

Bob and Kitty said...

We've been exactly where you were and never felt so fabulously free! Enjoy this well-earned midlife sabbatical. No more Iraq, no more Pentagon and no more teeth!!! We hope we catch up with you in another month or so. Miss you a whole lot, but are so happy for you. The new life has begun!

Anonymous said...

Greetings! You are giving us just the inspiration we need to put the mast back up :)

Thanks for all the updates and pictures. We are looking forward to living vicariously through ya'll.

Alison Trimble
(who can't remember her Google password so I look official...sigh)