New Dinghy?

We thought our dinghy was a little small, so we decided on a 31' Contender instead. Ha Ha Ha. Actually, Jack Penny, my former boss, came out to dinner. He's in Key West for a week of fishing and diving with son Michael and friends. He came bearing wine, rum and about 10 lbs of fresh mahi mahi. It was great to see him, although, he still thinks I'm coming back to work. Hmmm.

It was VERY exciting to have the water maker running perfectly yesterday, see Steve's entry below. He's too modest about how flipping much work he did to wire and plumb the thing. He's going to have to make me a check list so I can do all the steps in the right order. Turn on this, open this then that, don't touch this until you do that. My brain isn't the mighty steel trap it once was, more like a steel sieve these days.


Equinox Crew said...

Can totally relate to the list. Bob has one that we must follow before we can start the engine, for crying out loud. I put it in my BB and have to get it out and look at it every time. I am not making this up. Turn this valve, that valve, check this, check that. Insane.

Lynn said...

Kitty, it all seems so simple, that I think, how could I forget it? Then,one day, my mind is blank. VERY frustrating.